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    The Amazing Experiencesin Ningbo Villages
    Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-07-25 14:37:00

      "This Ninghai village is so gorgeous, really hard to believe!" On an early July weekend, Mr. Erdem Ozturk, overseas communication officer (OCO) of Ningbo municipality, had a fantastic one-day village tour in Ninghai county of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, where he plucked tea leaves, picked watermelons, went fishing and cooked seafood. Erdem was deeply impressed by his "village life", "For villages of Ningbo, you can't imagine how clean and beautiful they are, and their residents can earn money without ever leaving their hometown. Brilliant!"

      “宁海的农村不像农村,太美了!”七月上旬的一个周末,宁波海外传播官Erdem Ozturk过得无比充实,采茶、摘西瓜、拉网、做海鲜……经历了一天“农夫渔夫”生活后,Erdem感触颇深,“宁波的农村都这么干净,而且村民不离开家就能赚钱,太厉害了!”

      Hailing from Türkiye, Erdem has settled in China for nearly 10 years. As a native urbanite, he is always fascinated by rural life. "While there are also villages in Türkiye, I rarely visit them." Yet he has visited many villages in different cities since moving to China, among which Gejia Village in Ninghai and Chengyang Village in the Dongqian Lake Tourist Resort of Ningbo strike him as the best.


      "It's different from the traditional countryside that I would expect. It's very clean here. You can find paintings on the walls and fragrant flowers everywhere. And what is more incredible is that all the villagers have their own unique crafts." The travelogues of Erdem’s earlier visit to Ninghai's Gejia Village were published in foreign magazines. They went viral worldwide and further aroused Erdem’s interest in Ningbo’s villages. Therefore, he spent a weekend experiencing the rural life in Ninghai with his girlfriend.


      As they strolled down Xiafengcha village, Yuelong sub-district, antique-style residences came into view, together with tidy backyards, creative sceneries with lovely hives as well as an ocean park. And in the distance, tea plantations opened out into the rolling Wangfulou Mountain. Here Erdem had the chance to pluck tea leaves with the locals and learned that tea was not only a nice beverage but also a great ingredient for local milk tea, refreshments and cuisine.


      The hospitable villagers invited Erdem and his girlfriend to lunch. With the help of a female villager, Erdem even cooked noodles. Later on, he went to the village's new coffee shop and became its first customer. "It's incredible that the locals make such great coffee. It's even a cut above others."


      Standing by the tranquil bay under the clear sky, Erdem felt homesick. He hasn’t returned to Türkiye for over two years due to the pandemic. "Just like here, my hometown is also adjacent to the sea."


      Erdem was invited to a special tour of Qiangjiao Town by a local fisherman. According to the self-introduction of this fisherman captain, he and his wife make a good living by their own effort, i.e., boat-steering and boat-meal-cooking.


      "The villages are attractively adorned with artistic creations, beautiful flowers and other ornaments. And the locals enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives. They are kind and always smiling." Erdem gained deeper insights into Ninghai villages after this one-day trip.


      Ninghai has flung itself into translating lucid waters and lush mountains into invaluable assets in recent years. To date, this coastal county has become a home to over 200 scenic villages and attracted hordes of tourists around the world. What’s more, social media influencers in overseas communication nowadays deem those villages internet-famous photogenic spots.


      Reporter: Zhang Haiyu

      Correspondents: Xu Mingyi, Wu Ligao, Hua Jianping

      Translators: Mei Jie, Huang Dawang

      Proofreaders: Zhou Shiyi, Zhang Dongjing, Jason Mowbray


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