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    36 Village Officials in Ninghai Pursuing New Qualifications
    Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-06-20 11:08:16

      Officials of Qiangjiao Town are having study tour on beautiful countryside.

      (Photo by Wu Ligao)

      "How do you feel about the exam, Mr. Xue?” “Good. It is true that you must live and learn! I never imagined we'd get another chance for further studies." At noon on June 12, Xue Ruiyue, Party secretary of Xiayu Village, Qiangjiao Town finished his last two academic exams for "dual education system" at the adult school, the test center in Qiangjiao, Ninghai County.


      That day, 36 village officials of Qiangjiao Town participated in the exam. Chen Zhongchang, principal of the adult school, explained that the "dual education system" combines academic education and vocational training. Qualified students would obtain the adult high school diploma issued by Ningbo Education Bureau. Students would not only gain vocational skills, but enhance their educational background through one and a half years of offline and online courses, forming a solid foundation for lifetime learning and giving support for rural revitalization.


      Elected to be Party secretary of the Xiayu village at the end of 2020, Xue took the lead in improving the environment and exploiting the local unique fishing village culture with the residents for the art-themed rural rejuvenation. Within a year, the village has experienced significant changes, including the upgrading of over 30 public art facilities. Residents and officials work as one to develop the village and promote civilized rules.


      Another village official Luo Chunmao has chosen village tourism as the way to common prosperity. Taking advantage of the local abundant resources and favorable location, his proactive planning for development has created a number of popular tourist destinations to enjoy blooming flowers, sea gazing, coastal trails and experience flower arranging. Designated as a 3A-level scenic village of Zhejiang Province, it attracts hordes of tourists, and meanwhile, the locals also benefit a lot from the tourism by starting businesses in agriculture coffee shops, and inns.


      “We received highly targeted training, which is beneficial for revitalizing the countryside.” You Jianzhen, Party chief of Xiashan Village, is a graduate of the last “dual education system” training course. He flings himself into the pursuit of rural revitalization and common prosperity and puts the theoretical knowledge into practice. For example, with the construction of maritime gardens. Through years of unwavering effort, the village has now become a well-known scenic spot with emerging tourist projects, boosting its revitalization and prosperity.


      Reporter: Zhong Tingting

      Correspondent: Wu Ligao

      Translator: Mei Jie

      Proofreaders: Puyang Rong, Wang Fang, Jason Mowbray


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